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Working with us can be challenging. Working with us can be tiring. But rest assured that it will also be inspiring, thought provoking and stimulating. We work on a principle of efficient learning. Nobody comes equipped with legal expertise and we understand that. However, the passion towards the trade, the attitude towards challenging work and edge in matters that requires great efficiency is something we look for in our team members. It is our job to train you in skills but it is your job to display the passion and commitment towards learning.

We accept deserving candidates in three divisions- Litigation, Corporate and Corporate- Litigation. Our minimum eligibility level depends upon the edge you display to us through your application. Our idea is to get candidates who are willing to learn effectively, understand efficiently and delivery promptly. And that’s why we are always open to fresh ideas in our firm.

If you think you can take on the challenge of working with us in Lucknow, send us your CV along with a writing sample and a list of publications you have contributed to/authored at careers@neerajassociates-legal.com.

Our HR team will contact you within 30 days of receipt of your application.

Additionally, if you are working independently or run a law firm, you can always contact us for an association through which you will be empaneled in our prospective work partners.


Intern with us

Neeraj Associates being a full service law firm has required expertise and rich experience to provide valuable learning experience to interns. We not only provide them with a gateway to competitive world of legal field but also train them to enter into the filed with an advantage.

We teach, train and equip our interns with concrete and practical knowledge of law. We give them real time work rather than limiting them to mere research work. Our interns are managed directly by partners with assistance of mentor associates. Our aim behind designing a direct teaching cum training mechanism for interns is to contribute and improve the quality of talent available in the legal sector.

Our idea is to improve the quality of lawyers, attorneys and legal scholars in the country. Our idea is to help young scholars to achieve their target by teaching them the skills of research, drafting and arguing.

Neeraj Associates accepts interns through-out the year, though in fixed slots. The interns are selected on basis of their curriculum vitae and prior internship experience. Interested students are required to apply for internship in accordance with following terms

  • We accept students who have completed 1 year [3 year LL.B] or 3rd Semester [5 years B.A/B.B.A/BSL, LL.B]. Course.
  • The eligible students shall apply at least 30 days prior to the internship period requested.
  • Eligible students shall send their CV along with the cover letter to internship@neerajassociates-legal.com.
  • The minimum period of internship is 21 days which can be extended to 1 month if accepted by the designated partner.

The HR department of the firm will reply to the accepted candidates 15 days prior to the internship period. Candidates are requested to communicate through email preferably.

The accepted candidates are requested to bring their laptop, prior internship certificates, CV and college recommendation/bonafide when they join the internship

We do not give any stipend to interns. They are required to manage themselves for their accommodation and food.

A certificate of performance/internship will be provided only after successful completion of the period interned.


Professional Training 

In order to improve the level of legal profession in the country, we provide post-law school training to fresh graduates. We offer training in Litigation, Corporate Litigation and Corporate Divisions through which the candidates will work full time with the firm for a minimum period of 3 months at a nominal stipend. However, they will be engaged in the regular work of the firm and will be trained in practical implications and applications of the law.

The idea is to train and convert passion into commitment. The idea is to convert theory into experience. The idea is to explain how law actually works rather than what law is. The program will introduce them to the functioning of court, drafting of different court documents, corporate agreements and policies and will train the candidates in drafting of documents for foreign jurisdictions.

At the end of the training program, we may offer a job to the trainee depending upon the quality, efficiency and commitment of the trainee, subject to availability of a position at the firm.

We accept candidates who have completed 3- year LL.B, 5 Year B.A/B.S.L/B.B.A/B.Com, LL.B (Hons.) or have completed their LL.M. If you think, you are meant for this training program, send us your CV and a writing sample at training@neerajassociates-legal.com.

For any clarifications, call +91-8960006363


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